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PT. Data Utama Dinamika is an internet service provider and network access provider based on "TOTAL IT SOLUTION", which has been serving the people of Indonesia for many years.

Our services are not limited to corporate clients requiring dedicated data traffic lanes. We can also assist communication companies, such as ISPs, that lack the infrastructure to link to client locations. We offer reliable wireless and fiber optic solutions to meet these needs.

Starting from Jakarta and Semarang and expanding to the east of the island of Java and Bali, to be able to serve internet services to all levels of society, and we continue to strive to increase our coverage area in other cities. Only with the support, input and trust from customers so that we can still exist and continue to grow.

PT. Data Utama Dinamika was established on July 15, 2005.


  • Start of Operations

    PT. Data Utama Dinamika was established on August 15, 2005 in Jakarta.

  • First Branch Office

    After a year of hard work, we proudly announce the opening of our first branch in Semarang City.

  • Surabaya Branch Office

    We are expanding our network by opening a new branch in a major city in Indonesia. Therefore, we opened a new branch office in Surabaya.

  • Expanding Coverage Area

    We continue to expand our branch offices to other cities. The Solo branch office opened in 2011, while the Jogja branch opened in 2012.

  • Cirebon

    Cirebon City is our choice to expand the coverage area of DatautamaNET services.

  • Launching Broadband Services

    We launched our latest broadband product called Maxxplus, a solution for all your internet needs.

  • DatautamaNET Tuban

    We are expanding our coverage area in the Tuban area by opening a new branch office.

DataUtamaNet is an internet access provider company that is equipped with official licenses:

Internet Access Service
Operation License (NAP)

Network Access Provider (NAP)
ASN139976 - No: 254/DIRJEN/2014

Internet Interconnection Service
Operation License (ISP)

Internet Access Provider (ISP)
AS 24521 - No: 890/DIRJEN/2014

By having the operating license, DataUtamaNet has a national license for the operation of internet networks throughout Indonesia.

And our only goal is  "Customer satisfaction is our goal"

Jakarta Head Office

Wisma Presisi Lt 2 Jl Taman Aries Blok A1 No 1 Kembangan, Meruya Utara Jakarta Barat - Indonesia

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Semarang Branch

Jl. MT Haryono 579 A Semarang 50124 Jawa Tengah Indonesia

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Surabaya Branch

Intiland Tower Lt8 suite 6A Jl. Panglima Sudirman No. 101 - 103 Surabaya 60271 Jawa Timur - Indonesia

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Solo Branch

Jl Veteran No. 8F - Gading Square Solo - 57118 Jawa Tengah - Indonesia

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Tuban Branch

Jl Hayam Wuruk Lingk. Jarkali RT/RW 01/02 Gedungombo, Samanding, Tuban Jawa Timur, Indonesia 62381

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