Colocation in Data Center

DatautamaNET can provide stable, reliable internet access solutions, the best services, and high availability levels for both domestic and international connections that are suitable for economic, business, and educational development. This is supported by professional and experienced experts in the field.

In general, data center facilities are operated to provide network system availability and supporting infrastructure such as electricity, AC, fire protection, CCTV, and physical security systems, which are highly suitable for housing critical servers that need to be guaranteed to be operational 24 hours a day, every day. Building your own data center, aside from being costly, requires technical expertise and routine maintenance. Therefore, we offer solutions that can be taken by new and growing companies by renting racks or colocation servers. This way, your server can be accessed by many users via the internet or intranet.

We provide colocation services in the following Data Center locations:

Gedung Cyber (APJII)
IDC Duren Tiga
Each Branch Office

Benefits of Colocation at DatautamaNET

For example, if you are a large company that already has a Dedicated Internet connection of 100 Mbps and then wants to share that internet with several branch offices in other cities, the Local Loop/Local Link service can be used as an alternative to end users in the branches as a connection.

Therefore, DatautamaNET can provide point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connections between locations using an exclusive network to ensure safe and super-fast information traffic.

Data Center Internet Access (DCIA)

Special internet access that can be adjusted up to 1 Gbps* and higher within our Data Center locations.

Good SLA

We ensure that every client has a good experience when using DatautamaNET Internet. SLA starts from 98%*.

Service Management

Ensuring your business runs smoothly is our priority. We provide infrastructure solutions and managed services such as electricity, AC, fire protection, CCTV, and physical security systems so you can focus on your business. Also, our 24/7 support is available for you.

Affordable Price

Affordable prices and good support services from us.

Cross-Connect (Interconnection) Services

We can help your company connect with your other partners using Interconnection methods. DatautamaNET can even connect you to local Exchanges in each Data Center.