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Dedicated Internet DatautamaNET

Dedicated Internet is a service that provides 24/7 Internet connectivity using various access methods tailored to your company's needs. Dedicated Internet offers fast and stable connections compared to broadband. The key feature of Dedicated Internet is having equal upload and download speeds with a 1:1 ratio. If your internet upload speed is slower than the download speed, it cannot be considered dedicated internet.

Dedicated Internet cannot be compared to or equated with mobile internet 3G/4G because dedicated internet offers high stability, especially when using fiber optic infrastructure that is resilient to disruptions and weather conditions. There are no fluctuations in internet quality, so Dedicated Internet does not recognize the term "UpTo."

Dedicated Internet is often used for business and educational purposes with a relatively large number of internet users, such as offices, universities, hotels, apartments, data centers, internet cafes, game centers, etc. It is rare for personal use.

Dedicated Internet ensures that your business continues to operate without interruption. With Dedicated Internet from DatautamaNET, we offer a direct line to your location, providing consistent bandwidth scalable up to 1Gbps and customizable to your business needs.

This service is aimed at companies from various sectors that require high-quality internet connections with stable bandwidth at a 1:1 ratio, using either fiber optic or wireless infrastructure.

Wireless Dedicated Internet

Utilizing a separate wireless route and Dedicated connection is suitable for companies requiring fast and stable connectivity. Unlike Broadband Internet, which shares routes, Wireless Dedicated Internet employs a dedicated route used by only one user. This service is typically utilized by companies with specific needs such as internal applications, video conferencing, VPNs, CCTV, and more.

Why choose wireless?

Selecting wireless as your internet access medium is based on the need for quick installation at a relatively lower cost compared to Fiber Optic. The installation sites vary greatly, with higher installation locations yielding better results, considering that wireless media heavily relies on Line of Sight (LOS) during site surveys.

Therefore, for companies situated in buildings or locations where obtaining permission for Fiber Optic installation (excavation, pole installation, etc.) is challenging, DatautamaNET Wireless Internet Dedicated is ready to be your partner in maintaining internet route stability.

Benefits of Wireless Dedicated Internet


The advantage of Wireless Internet Dedicated is that internet installation can be done quickly and easily.


You can adjust the wireless link up to 100 Mbps*.


We offer the best prices for customers with top-notch support.

* Installation of Wireless Backup according to the terms of the offer and site survey results.