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The definition of V-SAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) is a connecting device in a network using satellite intermediaries. V-SAT typically features a dish, similar to a satellite dish. The V-SAT antenna is a signal receiving station originating from a satellite, with the diameter of the V-SAT antenna not being too large, typically around 3 meters. The main function of V-SAT is to send and receive data to and from satellites, which is then transmitted back to other VSAT points on Earth.

Why Choose V-SAT?

Datautama, as a reliable Internet provider, offers the option to communicate via the internet using V-SAT with a flexible (anywhere) and dependable infrastructure. The use of V-SAT is highly suitable for locations far from signal sources in cities (remote areas, forests, mountains). For example, if your company is located deep in the Kalimantan jungle and you need internet connectivity for operational needs, then V-SAT is the perfect solution.

Currently, the type of V-SAT we utilize is KU-BAND.

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Here is the network topology of DataUtamaNet's V-SAT:

Coverage Area

Overall, we can serve the entire territory of Indonesia using V-SAT technology.