Network Infrastructure

Hotspot Solution

The demand for Internet access is rapidly growing and evolving. The proliferation of smartphones and tablet computers equipped with WiFi has changed the lifestyle and internet access habits of users. Many places now require reliable hotspot solutions. For example, public areas such as shopping centers, educational environments, hotels, hospitals, or even hangout spots.

Why Choose Hotspot

DatautamaNET's Hotspot solutions can help you realize these hotspot areas. We can build hotspot services equipped with centralized controllers, making it easier for you to maintain integrated access point devices.


DatautamaNET provides cooperation services such as event-based Bandwidth on Demand (BOD), both on a daily and monthly basis. We can also implement other internal needs such as Hotspot Logins in work areas, cafes, hotel lobbies/hospitals using Fiber Optic or Wireless connections. We can customize the devices used according to customer needs, focusing on time efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Due to time constraints, for BOD implementation, we can only serve using Wireless devices.