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Seputar Access tentang internet dan lainnya

Internet Services
Internet services are the things that keep your customer signing on. From the web to name services and electonic mail. there's a lot to keep you amused

Fortunately, most of the software are you need is included in a linux distribution, so you have much of what you need out of the box, Unfortunately, much of this stuff can be very confusing - but, after all, that's why we have FAQs.

World Wide Web Access
This is one of the easiest services to support. As long as your DNS is working (See Domain Name Services,below), it's pretty much automatic to get www access for your customers. We'll cover your web server below.

Electronic Mail
Internet Electronic mail lets you send messages to anyone in the world, easily, reliably and inexpensively, As a result, it's one of the most popular services on the net. There are a number of choices for electronic mail services on a Linux or other Unix machine. Sendmail, the granddaddy of them all, has a fantastic book out, sendmail. This has excellent explanation of the whole thorny path of setting up a sendmail.

Domain Name Services
This is probably the most difficult services to set up in all net-dom, but dont't worry too much - there are plenty of splendid resources to help. I strongly recommend that you pick up a copy of DNS and BIND - it tells you all need to know about running a DNS server. Be hours. but this book, if carefully applied, will see you through.

Web Servers
A web server lets your users create their own web pages and post them to the internet. I've run both Netscape and Apache servers, and I can report that Apache is far superior - it's just as fast and much ligter on resources usage. And, Thanks to the availability of source code, you can customize it for your own needs.

Apace is a complate. comprehensive description of the Apache server and its working.

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