Hotspot Solution

Hotspot Solution

The need for the Internet is currently getting bigger and growing rapidly. The development of smartphone gadgets and tablet computers equipped with wifi has changed the way of life and the way users access the internet. There are so many places nowadays that need a reliable hotspot solution. For example, public areas such as in shopping centers, educational environments, hotels, hospitals, or even hangouts.

Why Choose Hotspot

Datautama Hotspot Solution can help you to realize the hotspot area. We can build a hotspot service that is equipped with a centralized controller, so that it can help make it easier for you to maintain an integrated access point device.



DatautamaNET provide collaborative services such as BOD event, either daily or monthly. We can provide other internal requirements such as Login Hotspots in work areas, cafe areas, hotel / hospital lobbies using FO or Wireless. The devices used can also be adjusted according to customer needs, both in terms of time and cost efficiency. For reasons of time, specifically for the implementation of BOD, we can only serve using wireless devices.


Our Customer Reviews using Datautama Hotspot Solution and some of our implementation to our beloved customer.
  • Pemasangan Access Point
  • Router sekaligus ada access point di dalamnya, cocok untuk penggunaan hotspot budget kecil
  • Pemasangan Access Point dengan penggunaan controller terpusat
  • Pemasangan Access Point
  • Pemasangan Access Point pada kaca apartemen/rumah.
  • Pemasangan Access Point pada kaca menggunakan perekat yang tahan panas dan awet.
  • Pemasangan jaringan pada event di JCC
  • Instalasi perapihan kabel pada area event
  • Persiapan pemasangan perangkat pada lokasi event
  • Survey lokasi untuk event
  • Survey pemasangan lokasi pada event di area luar gedung JCC


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