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DatautamaNet already has hundreds of customers from various segments with different needs, so our focus is to provide the best Internet and Networking Services for you. DatautamaNet focuses on providing the best service for your company that requires Dedicated Internet Access or Internet Data Center / Colocation for high speed internet access, e-commerce e-learning, etc.

Dedicated Internet

Dedicated Internet access ensures that your business keeps running without any service downtime. With DatautamaNET Dedicated Internet Access, we offer a direct link into your premises, delivering consistent bandwidth that is scalable up to 1Gbps and customisable to your business needs.

This service is specifically for companies with various fields that require high quality internet connections with stable bandwidth (1: 1) with fiberoptic and wireless infrastructure.
Uninterrupted Connectivity
Enjoy 24-hour high speed
Internet access every day.
Customisable Bandwidth Speeds
Scalable up to 1Gbps
Uptime Guaranteed
High service and support availability.

Broadband Internet

Need a fast and precise internet connection at an affordable price?
Now the Maxxplus service is here to complement your internet needs for your home or business.

You don't need to look for anything else, because we will always give you assurance.
Best Price
With best price of bundle, Broadband Internet might be suit to deliver your Internet access to the world.
TV Cable
Not only internet, you also got premium TV Channel
Unlimited Quota
Unlimited quota internet for TV and Internet.


DataUtamaNet as a reliable Internet Provider offers the option of communicating over the Internet using VSAT in infrastructure flexible (anywhere) and reliable.

The type of VSAT that we use is KU - BAND.
Don't worry about the coverage area, because we serve all areas of the region Indonesia.
Communication can be carried out either point to point or from one place to many places by broadcasting, multicasting.
VSAT can be installed anywhere as long as it is within satellite coverage.
Reliable and can be used for voice, video and data connections, by providing a wide bandwidth
Unlimited Bandwidth *
Coverage & Topology
Large Coverage Area
Overall we serve all areas of the region Indonesia.
Easy Installation
Installation and installation process is more practical and easier when compared to pulling Fiber Optic cables from underground
Easy Maintenance
High service and support availability.


IP Transit is a service where an Internet Service Provider (ISP) allows traffic to travel through their network to its final destination using ASN (Autonomous System Number). IP Transit is an interconnection service to the domestic and global internet with a guaranteed bandwidth of 1: 1 to the reference point using the customer's internet resource.

IP VPN (Virtual Private Network)

IP VPN services can connect your Head Office and branch offices throughout Indonesia with a high level of security and speed. So that the security and smooth operation of your data is guaranteed. This solution can be used for applications, file transfers, video conferencing, voip, etc.

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