V-SAT Connectivity

V-SAT Connectivity

The definition of V-SAT (Very Smart Aparture Terminal) is simply as a means of connecting in a network using satellite intermediaries. This V-SAT generally has a dish like a parabola. The V-SAT antenna is a station for receiving signals coming from satellites, where the size of the V-SAT antenna is not too large in diameter, only about 3 meters. V-SAT has the main function of sending and receiving data to the satellite which is then sent back to other VSAT points on earth.


Why Choose VSAT

Datautama as a reliable Internet Provider, offering the option of communicating via the Internet using V-SAT in a flexible (anywhere) and reliable infrastructure. The use of V-SAT is very suitable for places far from signal sources in cities (interior, forest, mountains). For example, your company location is in the middle of the Kalimantan forest, and you have to get an internet connection for the company's operational needs, then V-SAT is very suitable to use.

Currently the V-SAT type we are using is KU - BAND.

Standard Best Effort



Quota Service

Quota 7 GB

Quota 14 GB

Quota 20 GB

Dedicated Connection



* Dedicated connection (guaranteed minimum connection) in accordance with the ratio, for example dedicated 1: 2 256 Kbps, then the minimum connection guarantee obtained is 128 Kbps)
* Terms and Conditions apply


Here is the VSAT DatautamaNET network topology.

Coverage Area

Overall, we can serve all areas in Indonesia using V-SAT


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